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Badass Boss Babe Creed

Badass Boss Babe Club is a safe, comfortable and productive environment in which members can connect, work and learn together. To that end, we ask each Club Member to agree to the following code of conduct...


  1. I will act responsibly and respectfully towards all Club Members and referrals, respecting their values and viewpoints as well as their rights and feelings

  2. I will work with other Club Members to ensure that the Club remains welcoming to new participants and ideas and embraces diversity

  3. I will endeavor to attend my monthly chapter networking event and participate in Club events, trainings and socials

  4. I will get to know other Club Members to build relationships and trust

  5. I will be a connector and look for opportunities for other Club Member's products or services

  6. I will serve as an active advocate of Badass Boss Babe Club and invite guests that will add value

  7. I will be on time for meetings, events, mixers, trainings and socials and honor myself and other Club Members by showing up for those events I register for

  8. I will keep my membership current and my member profile updated at all times

  9. I will always strive to be the Badass Boss Babe I was meant to be by being professional, helpful, courteous and kind and always thoughtful with my words

Become an official Badass Boss Babe today!

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