Behind every successful woman is a team of support and inspiration to make things possible.


We are looking for highly motivated like-minded business women who share a common goal of achieving success in business and are looking to encourage and help each other improve.


The people around us have everything to do with our success. Choice, not chance, determines our destiny. Chose to spend time with people who inspire you, believe in you and motivate you to level up and achieve your dreams.


Mastermind groups are used to help members solve their problems or work through ideas with feedback, solutions, input and advice from the other group members. Our mastermind groups at Badass Boss Babe Club are called Success Circles, because your circle should want to see you succeed!

Our Success Circles will help you to surround yourself with people who will:

• challenge you to create more value

• give you access to more information

• provide support for projects

• hold you accountable

• increase your energy, your inspiration and your creativity

• empower you to succeed


Share your struggles, strategies and successes with likeminded women who want to see you succeed!


Register for an upcoming Success Circle today!