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Start a Local Club

Stand out as a leader in your community and start a local Badass Boss Babe Club!

Club Leader Application

Badass Boss Babes - Los Angeles Club

Club Leader Benefits

  • Training, mentorship, branding and administrative support to promote and grow your local Club

  • Make a positive impact in your local community

  • Expand your circle of influence

  • Receive commissions on memberships

  • Be part of the Club Leadership Team to connect with other Club Leaders to exchange resources and ideas

  • Increase speaking engagement opportunities

  • Plus all Club Member benefits!

Club Leader Commitment

  • Host one monthly networking event using the Badass Boss Babe Club agenda and program and at least one social event to grow your community (Coffee Connections, Social Hour, Boss Babe Brunches)

  • Form partnerships with other local women organizations, publications and venues

  • Be the spokeswoman for your local Club

  • Consistently invite new prospects and existing Club Members to your events, ask for referrals!

  • Attend at least one Virtual Networking Session and at least one Office Hours Session each month

  • Attend at least one Club Leader Training Session each month

  • Submit networking events, workshops and social event details at least 3 weeks in advance through the Club Leader Portal

  • Actively engage in global and local Facebook groups and on Club social media accounts to increase brand awareness for the Club and for your local Club

  • Maintain a minimum of 15 actively engaged Club Members

  • Create a local team to help you promote and grow your Club. (Membership Coordinator, Social Media Coordinator, Special Events Coordinator)

Badass Boss Babe Club Brunch

Apply Now to Start Your Club!

After submitting your application we will contact you to set up an interview with our Club Founder. Once approved, we will plan on launching your local Club within 90 days. Next steps...

  • Start thinking about the local Boss Babes you want to connect with and invite them to your networking group

  • Create your calendar of monthly events and start inviting women to attend

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